I was honored to be a presenting author this past weekend at the amazing Mountain Words Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado. In only its fifth year, Mountain Words featured an incredible slate of authors and immersive panel discussions. Definitely worth putting on anyone’s list of Memorial Day Weekend possibilities in coming years. Check it out at https://mtnwords.org/.

As a participant on the Writing the River panel, I harkened back to Canyonlands Carnage, book seven in my National Park Mystery Series (and, I’m proud to say, a finalist for the 2022 Colorado Book Award), and I referenced my former land policy work as a participant on the Public Lands and Future Threats panel.

Among my fellow author panelists (and their most recent books) were Kevin Fedarko (A Walk in the Park), Betsy Gaines Quammen (True West), Zak Podmore (Life After Dead Pool), and Justin Farrell (Billionaire Wilderness). A truly smart and dedicated group. I can’t recommend them and their books highly enough.