Just back from the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association SpringCon in San Antonio, where I enjoyed the dual pleasures of introducing MPIBA bookstore owners and sellers to Death Valley Duel, book nine in my series releasing June 4, and pitching the fall book-release lineup of my terrific publisher, Torrey House Press.

Really great to see lots of new faces at SpringCon, as new bookstores in Texas and Oklahoma are welcomed into the MPIBA fold, along with stores from across the Rocky Mountains.

Two books I pitched that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for:

Life After Dead Pool, a beautifully written and deeply personal depiction by environmental journalist Zak Podmore, through interviews of countless water experts, of what Glen Canyon and the Colorado Basin will look like after the coming demise of Lake Powell. (August 2024 release.)

Without Exception, another deeply personal account, this one by renowned environmental author Pam Houston, of the wild and wonderful life she’s been fortunate to lead, thanks only to the reproductive freedom she was afforded through Roe v. Wade to escape her abusive upbringing, and the desperate need to return that stolen freedom to America’s women and girls. (September 2024 release.)